Welcome Home!

Home sweet home is what we do.

Baum & Company has been one of Memphis’ premier developers and homebuilders, specializing in new home construction and masterful renovations for almost 40 years. Your home is where your story begins and will be the backdrop of your memories for many years. We are dedicated to quality, craftsmanship and building the home that is truly worthy of your dreams.

Specializing in New and Renewed

Renovate, Remodel and Transform. 

Maybe your home is still perfect…almost. You don’t have to change your address to enjoy a new home experience. We have helped clients all over the Mid-South fall back in love with their home with remodels, additions, and renovations. We renovate, remodel and make additions with respect to the existing architecture and design and in keeping with your family’s specifications.

Let us reinvent the house you already call home.

Dream Homes Come in all Sizes

Baum and Company has been building the dream homes of the Greater Memphis Area for almost 40 years. But we are much more than a developer or custom home builder.

We build beautiful houses but without you, it will never be a home. We want to create the house that you see when you close your eyes and work very closely with you to make it a reality. Your vision combined with our experience will result in successful on-time completion that conforms to your budget so your family can start building cherished memories for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss your dream home or to learn more about the developments where we are currently under construction.